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Project Description

Chrissie Forbes

I consider myself primarily an oil painter who also creates “critters” of Found Object Robot Art.

When I paint, I am drawn to powerful subjects and strong colors. My painting style is fairly impressionistic. I hope to reveal the wonders of this incredible planet on which we live, and now deep space as well. I paint waves, nebulae, longhorn cattle, wildflowers, portraits, clouds, and whatever catches my passion at the time.

My Found Object Robot Art “critters” are challenging but great fun to make. They involve a constant search for unique pieces of metal (mostly housewares), polishing, organizing, envisioning and constructing. Each critter has a name and a story attached to it. (I’ve become a master of tools I never expected to use.) My pieces are whimsical and intended to bring a smile and a laugh. When I find myself laughing and talking to a critter, I know I’ve nailed it.

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