Jill Mayberg

Jill Mayberg

My work is created using paints, pencils, pastels, found objects, cut paper and other items that I find visually appealing. I use multiple layers of paint which creates a textured, dimensional art work. Much of my art incorporates and is created on found and recycled objects since it is very important to me to generate as small an impact on the earth as possible. I am very concerned about loss of animal habitat and the unprecedented mass extinction of so many species. Additionally this enables me to support non profits such as Scraps in Pdx and Retails thrift shop in Vancouver which raise money for causes such as school art supplies and animal rescue efforts.Animal welfare is a huge influence and concern of mine. I have volunteered at my local shelter and support many rescue groups with ongoing art donations. My art is a reflection of my love of nature, color and the joy, fun and beauty in life

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Date: July 05, 2017